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Sweagent Russian Travel - Russia experts

We specialize in travel to Russia. We are doing everything necessary to save you from the hassle associated with obtaining visas. You will receive a visa, ordered from us in the shortest possible time.

We organize tourist and business trips.

Who we are

Sweagent Russian Travel specializes in organizing trips to Russia. We have extensive experience in the tourism industry and extensive business relationships that allows us to create personalized selected exclusive offers, taking into account any wishes of our customers. 

How we work

Our agency has a team of highly qualified professionals having vast experience in various fields of tourism. Our company is not very large, which allows us to avoid the cumbersome business processes and technologies, and to work quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our service features a personal approach and consideration of all customer's wishes.

We know that some aspects of travel in Russia have a specificity and cause problems for clients from Sweden, so we organize business and private trips in such a way as to avoid all the possible pitfalls and make the trip easy and enjoyable from the beginning (starting with visa applications). We provide our clients with all necessary assistance and support to all stages of the mission of the organization of transfers, specialized guide to booking and ticketing on the plane. Very often we are forced to work under time constraints and we have to solve problems encountered in the last minute. In most cases we solve the through our business contacts and experience. Take advantage of our services. We will give them to you with dignity and reliably. Faster, and, in most cases, cheaper.

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